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Editorial Assignments

                         I am available for assignments in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and anywhere else. Please contact me for my rates
                         and availability.

                         802.384.3686 (cell)




                         Weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph. People are at their best and I enjoy every last detail of the day.
                         I'm of the mindset that your wedding photographs are your legacy and will be passed down for generations. This
                         makes me feel honored to be chosen as your photographer.

                         I do make a few assumptions as your wedding photographer. I assume that you want to enjoy and be apart of your
                         wedding. This is why my approach is to
stand back and allow moments to happen for the camera, rather than control
                         them (and you).
I also assume that even though you cannot see everything that happens during the course of your day,
                         that the details
and happenings on the periphery are still important to you. Lastly, I assume you want someone who
                         is respectful, professional and easy to work with. My clients thank me over and over again for being such a positive
                        presence at their wedding.

                         Your wedding photography is important to you and it's very important to me.
I have several packages to choose from
                         that will fit within your budget. I can either photograph your wedding using black and white or color film or some of each.
                         I can also photograph your wedding digitally. Your choice.

                         Contact me for rates and availability.

                         802.384.3686 (cell)


Family Documentary

                         Let me be behind the camera so you can enjoy life's special moments and every day events with your family.
                         First birthdays, first haircuts, the first day of kindergarten, Little League games, graduations, proms, holiday gatherings
                         and backyard play dates–you name it–all are priceless and worth preserving with photography.

                         Contact me for rates and availability.

                         802.384.3686 (cell)


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